You Are Here (For Now)
You Are Here (For Now)
You Are Here (For Now)

You Are Here (For Now)

Adam J Kurtz
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From the honest and slightly jaded mind of artist Adam J. Kurtz, this collection of essays is full of hopeful reminders, gentle truths, dark humor, and art inspired by personal growth.

with art and essays about topics like change, purpose, love, comparison, failure, and other fun things that keep me up at night, this pocket-sized book will be an encouraging reminder for anyone who's feeling a little bit lost or overwhelmed (so you know, all of us right now). 

I hope that it might also feel like the heart-to-heart you haven't been able to have recently, or the kind of gift that says "hey I know we haven't been able to have one of those deep conversations in a while but I miss you and I love you and I'm always here if you need me."