Butt - Issue 18

Butt - Issue 18

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MICHAEL LUCAS New York’s hardcore porn director from Russia eats ass in private. by Gert Jonkers 

JASON WHIPPLE Homo lives in a small town in Vermont and loves sexing and hiking. Photography by Miguel Villalobos Interview by Jop van Bennekom 

OWEN PALLETT Singing violinist from Canada is a total cuddle slut. Interview by Ed Droste Photography by Neal Franc 

YOU ARE SO HAIRY by Robert Greene  CASEY SPOONER Biennial Butt Babble Interview by Gert Jonkers Photography by Marcelo Krasilcic 

JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL Film director had electric shaver knicked by hustler. Interview by Adam Baran Photography by Wolfgang Tillmans

I LOVE ROB Judas Priest singer kicks ass. by Cesar Padilla 

THE COUPLE by Matthias Vriens 

JON SAVAGE Writer of famous punk book has sex therapy every week. Interview by Alex Needham Photography by Jason Evans 

BUTTSTUFF The readers’ section