Butt - Issue 28

Butt - Issue 28

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KELE OKEREKE Gay pop star can’t remember his best sex ever. Interview by Alex Needham Photography by Wolfgang Tillmans 


LORENZO MARTONE Hot husband of Marc Jacobs could write a book about sex. Interview by Horacio Silva Photos by Walter Pfeiffer 

THE BUTT BLIND DATE EXPERIMENT Thomas Alexander Paul River Joseph 

FANTASY The men of International Men. by Zoe Ghertner 

RYAN TRECARTIN Gay video artist finds lesbians super exciting. Interview by Michael Bullock Photography by Paul Kopkau 

COREY COREY’S EROTIC RUBDOWN Tips on how to give a erotic massage. Text by Corey Corey Photography by Felix Burrichter 

GREEK PETE Former escort popped first pill in heaven. Photography by Alasdair McLellan Interview by Paul Flynn 

BUTT À LA CARTE Sezer, the deaf Turkish baker in Berlin, by Spunk Seipel.  Ty-lör, the steakhouse chef in New York City, by Adam Baran.  Jean-Jacques & Quiang, the two gay butchers in Beijing, by Aric Chen.  Jack, the prison kitchen supervisor in Spain, by Danny Calvi.  Tony, the pop-up restaurateur in London, by Andreas Larsson.