Butt - Issue 21

Butt - Issue 21

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VAGINAL DAVIS Drag artist in Berlin has her skin care products flown in from the USA. by Bruce LaBruce  1976 Christopher Street, the revered birthplace of gay liberation by Sunil Gupta 

XAVIER French horticulturist makes up to 1500 Euros a night. by Regis Trigano 

DON BACHARDY Famous California portrait artist had great sex last week. Interview by Adam Baran Photography by Matthias Vriens 

LADS East-London lads fancy dressing up — and dressing down by Andreas Larsson 

KENNY THE HOMO DOG Text by James Anderson Photography by Andreas Larsson 

SUPER TWINS Ian & Marc Hundley, 34-year-old Canadian brothers love each other forever. Interview by Michael Bullock Photography by Marcelo Krasilcic 

CARMINE Bartender Carmine from New York’s bear bar Big Lug photographed on a rather quiet worknight by Shaun Fletcher 

DANIEL WANG International Disco DJ dates German electrician. Interview by Danny McFadden Photography by Heinz Peter Knes 

BUTTSTUFF The readers’ section