Butt - Issue 25

Butt - Issue 25

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25 BUTTS by Miguel Villalobos 

JOHN HOLLAND Singer of the New York Electronic-Goth band Salem likes the word ‘like’ and was interviewed by Michael Joseph Bullock Jr. Photography by David Benjamin Sherry. 

CHRIS Amazingly handsome London chap works as a sexual health counselor and loves to takes off his clothes for photographer Devin Blair. 

CRAIG P. WERN Manhattan Manscaper shaves erect penis with Italian baby powder while being interviewed and photographed by Felix Burrichter. 

JAYNE COUNTY Pioneering transsexual punk legend picks up the phone in Georgia to speak with Rupert Smith. Photography by Michael Fox. 

POSTER An amazing double-sided diaporama of the bathrooms at The Cock in New York, photographed by Adrian Gaut. 

DESI Handsome Puerto Rican Jersey boy with a pansexual past puts on his mask and body bag for photographer Nicolas Wagner. 

PAUL P. Candian artist is a penis person who lost his last name in art school and was interviewed by Jop van Bennekom. Photography by Scott Treleaven. 

ANONYMOUS Homosexual in a wheelchair pretends to be disabled and was interviewed by Cesar Padilla. 

POEM Pretty Pink Pricks, by Shane Allison. 

MODEL A letter from Christmas, Brazil, by Marcílio Amorim. Photography by Erick van der Weijde. 

WANKER Peter Breen shoots a load into a river in Provence and takes tons of pictures. 

RECIPE Spicy Pork Butt in Soft White Buns, cooked to perfection by Mark Owen. Photography by Christian Siekmeier. 

PARTY Summer in Chicago shit hole, by M.I.K.E.Y. 

BLOWJOB Catholic Czech convert blows Slovakian Capuchin monk and talks to Adam Baran. Photography by Martin Maryska. 

LOVE Two lovely readers met each other on BUTT’s website. Photography by Oisin. 

MR. 2000 Fact: the 2000th

BUTTHEAD hails from windy Chicago and is called Bill Joure

Condition: Very Good. Some wear on spine and back cover.