Archer: Issue 17 - HOME

Archer: Issue 17 - HOME

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Welcome to Archer Magazine issue #17: the HOME issue.
Archer Magazine issue #17: the HOME issue features articles on the theme of ‘home’, which can be a place, space, concept or feeling.

The issue explores the many factors that influence our connection to home, such as relationships, family structures, race, culture, identity, class, poverty and homelessness, and includes a photo-essay about Black queer people’s connection to land and community, and a migrant writer experiencing pressures to assimilate.
From editor-in-chief Roz Bellamy:

“Through many different lenses, issue 17 examines what it means to be home, which may involve safety and comfort, fear or insecurity, or a yearning for change and belonging.

Archer Magazine has always aimed to lift up lesser-heard voices, and in this issue, our contributors tell compelling stories about their experiences of home that intersect with race, class, disability, gender and sexuality.”
The striking front cover image features ANASTASIA SKORODUMOVA and ANDY PTASHKA and was taken from an image essay for this issue titled ‘US’, shot by RONA BAR & OFEK AVSHALOM (FOTÓMETRO).

“I’ll say this, particularly to people who have been socialized as women, brown- and Black-skinned, possibly living in the suburbs, possibly in monogamous relationships, possibly heterosexual: whatever you do, don’t rely on your partner for pleasure, and don’t wait another second.” — CANDY BOWERS, Archer Magazine #17

“Just as the people in a house can create the sense of safety and acceptance that makes a home, your actions can create a sense of safety and acceptance for yourself.” — CHRIS CHEERS, Archer Magazine #17

“What I know of home now is that it is where I am constantly growing, that it is where all of me feels seen and valued; it is the place that my body feels most at ease, where there is no part of me that is too much or too big, too Queer or too feminine.” — BO BICKMORE, Archer Magazine #17

    128 pgs, 27.5 × 21 cm, Softcover, 2022,