Butt - Issue 29

Butt - Issue 29

Butt Magazine
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Rare and Collectable - OUT OF PRINT

Butt Magazine - FINAL ISSUE   


A. FOR ADRIANO  Adriano Cintra by Danny Calvi and Marcelo Krasilcic 

B. FOR BUZZ CUT  by Wolfgang Tillmans 

C. FOR CUM  by Cary Kwok 

D. FOR DAVE  Dave Butt by Gert Jonkers 

E. FOR EARS  Christian, Eric, Craig and Carlos by Daniel Riera 

G. FOR GINORMOUS  Jonah Falcon by Guy Trebay and Chris Beckham 

H. FOR HANDY  by Danny Calvi and Jason Yates 

J. FOR JONNY  Jonny Pierce by Paul Flynn and Alasdair McLellan 

K. FOR KARL  by Wolfgang Tillmans 

L. FOR LETTERS  Paul Antonio by Charlie Porter and Andreas Larsson 

P. FOR PROSTITUTE  by Halez Eldar 

Q. FOR QUEEN  Dina Martina by John Waters and Miguel Villalobos 

R. FOR RICK  Rick Owens by Gert Jonkers and Daniel Riera 

S. FOR SEX LOOKS  by Andreas Larsson and Simon Foxton 

T. FOR TELFAR  Telfar Clemens by Michael Bullock and Marcelo Krasilcic 

V. FOR VINTAGE  by Cesar Padilla 

XYZ.  by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom