Butt - Issue 20

Butt - Issue 20

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Rare and Collectable - OUT OF PRINT  

JAVIER PERES  The bad ass art dealer.  Interview by Jop van Bennekom  Photography by Jeppe Laursen 

HOLLYWOOD  LA graffiti artist’s pieces can be seen on park restrooms, cruise spots and hooker hangouts.  by prvtdncr 

MARCO FLORES  The awesome housecleaner.  by Frank Rodriguez 

JEFF BURTON  The pornographer, the artist.  by Gert Jonkers 

PEREZ HILTON  The loathed blogger.  Interview by Alex Needham  Photography by Dino Dinco 

MY LA MEN  Los Angeles buddies shot in a lovely cottage in West Hollywood.  by Matthias Vriens 

GORE VIDAL  The fantastic man.  by Gert Jonkers 

LOS LA AMIGOS  by Dino Dinco 

JEPPE  The Danish Popstar.  Interview by Gert Jonkers  Photography by Sean DeLear 

BUTTSTUFF  one LA sex story.