Zodiac Signs Risograph

Zodiac Signs Risograph

Ash + Chess
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8 x 10 art print printed by Ash + Chess. 

Neon risograph art print. So neon you will cry.

Offset registration, variations in ink density and spotting are all results of the risograph printing process. Your art print may have imperfections, but these are normal! Each print has its own special look. :)

Ash + Chess is a stationery and art company run by queer power couple Ashley Molesso and Chessie Needham. Based out of Richmond, VA, they create greeting cards and art prints that are bold, with retro color palettes. They often use their artwork to make a political statement.

Their company made its debut at the National Stationery Show in May 2017 and since then over 150 retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia sell their art and stationery.