Peach Fuzz Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 1

Peach Fuzz Magazine Vol. 6 Issue 1

Peach Fuzz Magazne
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Peach Fuzz is a quarterly, print-only, lady-run, sex-positive nudie mag based in Austin, TX. 

Started by editor-in-chief Kelly Dugan and assistant editor Laura McNairy, Peach Fuzz is a shameless celebration of sex + art. Basically, we love sex and the naked body. And we understand that when a healthy and open conversation can be had about healthy and open sex, we are paving the way for a healthy and open culture! And that's a beautiful thing.

Our magazine - much like our sexual culture - is always evolving. In any given issue, you'll find: original photo-editorials with all sorts of amazing babes, erotic poetry, short stories, sexy comic strips, controversial articles, visual art of all media, and a tasty "last bite" featuring a fun and seasonal dessert recipe from our resident pastry chef! The magazine is only available in print, and every photo in the magazine is only shot on film. I guess we're a little old school like that.

All magazines are full sized 8.5 x 11, with 50-60 pages, digital full color, printed at Republic Print & Mail in Austin, Texas.