Gay Times - Issue 504
Gay Times - Issue 504

Gay Times - Issue 504

Love Out Loud Issue
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The US singer-songwriter has built a massive fanbase – and a significant LGBTQ following – for his bared-soul approach to songwriting. He speaks candidly about mental health to break down stigma and create safe spaces for vital conversation between people who may be suffering. He’s a modern-day pop prince, singing directly about the ups and downs of life in a progressive and refreshing way. But central to the message of his music is self-acceptance and learning to love yourself so you can better love those around you. You don’t have to listen too hard to understand why millions of people – and particularly those who feel like outsiders – connect with his music.

So this month remember that love comes in many forms. Whether it’s your family – chosen or otherwise – your partner, your cat, your dog, Baby Yoda. Take a moment to reflect on the love that surrounds you and channel it within yourself and outwardly towards our amazing community.

Make sure you check out some of the incredible LGBT History Month events taking place all over the UK and learn something new about our queer ancestors. Take some allies and give them a queer history lesson too. And if you can’t see them in person, take the opportunity to do your own research online. As a wise prophet once said: “Google it.”

But most of all, this month make sure you take some time to focus on yourself and love the person you are just that little bit more. Realise your worth, feel energised in your power, and live like the beautiful human being you are meant to be.