Kink - Issue 29
Kink - Issue 29
Kink - Issue 29
Kink - Issue 29

Kink - Issue 29

Kink Magazine
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Rare and Collectable 

In June 2016 the first issue of Kink was edited and published. Sixty-four pages filled mostly with black and white photographs of our friends that we had been compiling throughout the years.

As portrait photographers for different magazines and newspapers we hadn’t had the opportunity to show this type of work that we had been doing for a very long time.

Soon after the third issue of Kink came out, with Bruce LaBruce as guest portfolio, other artists started sending us their work to be published in Kink.

We’ll never forget how excited we were to receive e-mails from Jack Pierson, Slava Mogutin, the Bob Mizer Foundation, Dean Sameshima, Ryan Pfluger and more.

Kink now comes accompanied with “Cuaderno”, a magazine dedicated to painting, drawing and illustration.