Lose It Keychain

Lose It Keychain

Adam J Kurtz
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A useful message for keys but also for everyone I know: TRY NOT TO LOSE IT

Simple and to the point, this small reminder is as funny as it is direct, good advice. Hang in there!!!!! Because it's a keychain!!!! 

Sometimes someone we love gives us a cute little thing and we're like "oh ok great thanks" and then six months later you're having the worst day of your life and you look at your keys and they say "TRY NOT TO LOSE IT" and you think about your beloved person who gave you this keychain who had no idea then that you would need to read these words this badly right now… you can be this amazing and beloved gift-giver for someone in your life. It sounds dumb because it's a small gift that costs $15 but one day this will be worth so much in EMOTIONAL VALUE and that's really what this whole shop is all about honestly. :)

Black text stamped into a white sprayed "motel style" metal tab keychain, a durable keychain that feels good to hold.

Phrase on one side and tiny embossed "ADAMJK" on the back. Measures 2"x.75" and 2mm thick! Comes on a simple split key ring in small polybag with gifting card.