Not gay as in happy, queer as in glitter and sequins

Not gay as in happy, queer as in glitter and sequins

Amanda J. Hedrick
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16” x 20” or 20” x 16” -- Not unlike the artist, this painting resists definition and can be hung two different ways, based on viewer’s preference, whim, or wall space.

Acrylic, glitter, hand stitched sequins on canvas. 2018. 

Amanda J. Hedrick comes from a family of creative cooks, seamsters, mechanics, singers, musicians, knife makers, crafters, and gift-givers who have inspired her since childhood. Amanda works in acrylics and mixed media with a special love for art journaling. In addition to creating her own art, she leads workshops on art journaling techniques and practice for children and adults, fostering creative confidence in others. Her 2016 TEDx presentation on how art journaling changed her life showcased her work on a larger scale and is still available on YouTube. Much of her daily practice is shared on instagram at @ajcraftsandstuff. Amanda is a member of the Statesboro Regional Art Association and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern University where she teaches first year writing and Queer rhetorics. She divides her time between Statesboro, GA, and Austin, TX, where her partner lives full time.

As an anxious person, I feel comfortable with steps and processes that lead to specific, measurable outcomes. As an artist, I play with steps and processes and throw the demand for outcomes away. My paintings allow me to experiment with materials, textures, and colors to process daily life as a Queer person with a lot of feelings. Is it messy? Absolutely. Does a lot of it fall flat and get painted over? For sure. I’ve found that the paintings I eventually consider “finished” are those that I held no expectations for, that I just allowed to develop on their own, over time, and hopefully without overthinking. Just as my creative process requires my calm focus, I hope my paintings draw your eye and slow you down even just for a second, maybe just the length of deep breath.