Scamp, Issue 3 - Alter Egos
Scamp, Issue 3 - Alter Egos

Scamp, Issue 3 - Alter Egos

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The latest issue of Scamp Magazine delves into the multi-faceted world of alter egos. Within its 130 glossy pages, you’ll find a spectacular showcase of artists, writers and performers who like to dress up, adopt pseudonyms, and do things under disguise. Whether it be embodying their favourite superheroes, pursuing a secret side-line as a bestselling sci-fi author, or pretending to be a right-wing suburbanite (whose political views couldn’t be further from their own), our cast of contributors are using their nom-de-plumes to go off in every direction. Some act alone, some in a group, others use their own names but work under the banner of an art collective. Some alter-egos are new, some are old, some are dead, whilst others have been permanently ‘retired’. Nothing is off limits. From race and sexuality, to disability rights and the politics of death; from the pastures of Middle England, to the subterranean depths of East London (that’s the part where we cover drainage issues and used tissues), no stone is left unturned.

Cover star LIZ CARR explores our dressing up box and talks frankly about crip theory, fetish clubs and her work on hit TV shows Silent Witness and The OA. Avant-guardian angel DAVID HOYLE dazzles us with his divinity; BOBBY GEORGE sips gin and gives the lowdown on dart-superstardom; artist LOLLY ADAMS unleashes her emotional pain body; NY-based collective SPICY MANGO COMICS talk zine fairs and Femme-cestors, flipside cover star MISS HERNIA (of Whitechaep Fatberg fame) traces her roots and cooks up a storm; writer BARNEY FARMER jets in from Coketown to talk alter egos gone wrong, performance artist/s TOMTHOM have a durational disaster, bleary-eyed superstars SIMONE SIMONE & EROS descend into a Warholian lock-in, sci-fi superstar JAMES TIPTREE JNR suffers an identity crisis; London’s COSPLAYERS pose for the camera and MUCH MUCH MORE!

“Hilarious and unique, Scamp is pushing boundaries and going in directions most publishers wouldn’t conceive of in their wildest dreams (or darkest nightmares).”
- It’s Nice That

    128 pgs, 33.5 × 24 cm, Softcover, 2021,