Soft Punk, Issue 5

Soft Punk, Issue 5

Soft Punk
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Soft Punk is a literary arts and culture magazine based in London. We are intentionally agnostic of a “house style” and liberated from dogmatic conceptions of brow. Our reporting is fair, our fiction vulnerable, and our criticism unwavering. We curate emotive, insightful, and occasionally brazen visual features, with generous space reserved for poetry and art of all mediums.

In the vacuum left by an ever-shrinking landscape of inquisitive outlets, we felt something needed to budge. So here we are pushing.


We are excited to announce the next issue of Soft Punk – Issue 05: Unequal. This is a themed half-issue.

Featuring work from Megan Nolan, Frani O'Toole, Taylor Byas, John Merrick, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, and Jakob Guanzon, this issue examines inequality through human perception.

As with each issue, we feel this to be our most ambitious work to date, and look forward to sharing with you all.

Covers by Sara Messinger