Silvia Prada
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In collaboration with Tom of Finland foundation, Prada creates drawings in conversation with Tom’s personal collages and archives — opening the narrative to understand new nuances of sexuality through the perspective of a woman.

This book features writings of Michael Bullock (author of Roman Catholic Jacuzzi, associate editor of PIN-UP magazine, contributing editor of Apartamento magazine), Melissa Anderson (4 Columns, former senior film critic Village Voice) and Aimee Goguen (artist sexually sublimating in Los Angeles).

TOM explores Finnish artist Tom of Finland’s collection of collages and personal reference pages through the eyes and hands of contemporary, female artist, Silvia Prada. Prada’s characteristic portraits highlighting male beauty and iconography are seamlessly infused with various facets and visual cues directly drawn from Tom’s artistic eye. Adding another historical and artistic layer, the portraits are set to geometric backdrops typical to Prada’s work – loony remixes of 20th century art movements such as Bauhaus, De Stijl and Russian Constructivism. Prada’s unique position as a female artist not only expands the narratives surrounding gay subjectivity, but also proposes unexpected ways of seeing and understanding Tom’s work. Moreover, it pays homage to the significant role that women have played for decades in defining and supporting gay culture.

ISBN: 978-0-9974446-4-3

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