Be You

Be You

Tai Ramsey
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9"x12" watercolor. Framed. 

Tai Ramsey is an Atlanta-based artist who works in watercolor and digital illustration.

A friend helped him rediscover the power and joy of art in 2016 by showing him watercolor painting while hanging out. He stuck with watercolor as a medium because of the patience it teaches you not only in the art, but in life as well. Later, he picked up digital illustration that's been an emerging, experimental medium for him. Tai started Rainboe Brand in 2019 to create art that's meant to help bring color to life's gray moments. After a break up and career path ambiguity, he learned that creating + consuming colorful art can actually help heal. Last but not least, he's obsessed with Kesha.

My work primarily consists of watercolor painting and digital illustrations. The theme of my work is bright and colorful, hence the moniker Rainboe. I wanted my art to be a beacon not just for myself, but everyone else. We all get stuck in life and we often need to be reminded there is always a way through, and to me, the way through is color. I use watercolor to symbolize hope through color because of its already light nature, and I use quotes in my digital work to carry the message of hope and positivity.