Young Men at War

Young Men at War

Noel Currer-Briggs
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A fascinating story of the conflicts of the 1930's and two young men in love.

Anthony Arthur Kildwick, born in 1919 to a well-to-do Yorkshire family, finds the love of his life in a German exchange student at his boarding school. Both boys are passionate to avoid another war between their countries, but when Manfred returns home he is seduced by Hitler's nationalist rhetoric, while Tony meets the outbreak of war as a conscientious objector. As the Nazi regime shows itself ever more demonic, Tony reluctantly decides he must fight, is recruited into the Intelligence Corps, and eventually parachuted into southern France, to work with the Resistance. There he discovers Manfred is now an officer with the occupying forces, and their paths cross again in dramatic circumstances.
Noel Currer-Briggs, well know as a writer on history and genealogy, has drawn for this novel on his own experience. As well as a fascinating story, it conveys a vivid sense of the conflicts of the 1930s, and the interplay between friendship and internationalism, homosexuality and pacifism, patriotism and democracy, that was typical of those years.

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