Yves.2c, Issue 1

Yves.2c, Issue 1

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We acknowledge that every human on the planet experiences and suffers from the poisonous effects of misogyny, and we lift up artists who are speaking out against and working to dismantle patriarchal oppression through their expression.

The content within our pages is open to each contributor's interpretation. We believe that holding a space for the candid and free expression opens a pathway for collective healing.

Issue #1 includes work from artists Pussy Riot. Nadya Tolokonnikova. Dorian Electra. Tinashe. San Cha.Bayli. Nadia Lee Cohen. Pee Girl. Anna Trevelyan. Maša Stanić. Milly & Abigail Shapiro. Synchrodogs. Kai - Isaiah Jamal. Charlotte Rutherford. Tonje Thilesen. Simone Niamani. Jamie Wolfe.Dana Robinson. Miss Misty Page. Tracy Nguyen.

    27 × 19 cm, Softcover, 2020,