Our Response to Target and Other "Ally" Brands


We normally save this for June 1, BUT this week has been a blatant and clear reminder that corporations will not save us. They will not protect us. They do not care about us. Bud Light, Target, the Dodgers, and EVERY other corporation will prioritize profits over people, especially marginalized people, every chance they get.

Our hearts are with our friends and fellow queer creators who have had their lights diminished by the recent Target rollback. Our hearts are with queer people around the country who saw themselves reflected and represented by these items, who have had that ripped away. Our hearts are with our queer community who is scared and afraid to be their authentic selves because of this insurgence of hateful rhetoric and action.

Our community is under attack right now from terrorists and extremists. We are at war. We need every single one of you to pay attention, support one another, and fight back. It’s not just our rights on the line, it’s our lives. It’s our existence. The only community we have is each other.

We started The Little Gay Shop to be an unapologetically queer safe space where diversity, inclusion, and equity are the pillars of our foundation. A place where queer people are able to feel seen and represented, a luxury many of us did not have. We will never back down to these attacks. We will forever support our community of artists and makers. We have your backs.

This Pride, yes, please shop from us, but also shop from the hundreds of other small, independent, local, queer-owned stores and makers. Screw these brands trying to capitalize on what makes our community undeniably amazing and inspiring.

And if you can’t spend money right now, share a post, leave a loving comment, send a thankful email, tell a friend about it, because making art is hard, running a business is hard, and being unapologetically queer is becoming harder and harder each day.