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  • 15 Trans and Nonbinary Books We Love

    15 Trans and Nonbinary Books We Love  View all trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer books here. Learn about the Trans Rights Readathon here.  The Ris...
  • Our Response to Target and Other "Ally" Brands

      We normally save this for June 1, BUT this week has been a blatant and clear reminder that corporations will not save us. They will not protect...
  • 10 Books To Read During Black History Month

    This month, we are honoring Black History Month in part by reading Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity for our Book Club. The b...
  • A Little Gay Interview With Emily Bryn

    Emily Bryn (She/Her/Hers) is a queer, Mexican artist and maker based in Austin, Texas. Inspired by their identity, family, and history, Emily uses...
  • 10 Queer Books to Cozy Up to This Winter (in no particular order…)

    We've put together a list of 10 amazing books to cozy up with this holiday season!
  • Queer Non-Profits to Support on Giving Tuesday

    Read below for a list of a few of our favorite non-profit organizations to donate to and support this Giving Tuesday!  1. The Trevor Project (Natio...
  • 6 Books to Broaden Your Perspective

    6 books to read this holiday season to gain a broader perspective
  • Banned Books.

    Who’s silencing the librarians?From the top-down, conservatives are racing to outdo each other in a mad dash to keep American youth from accessing ...
  • A Little Gay Interview With Chronic the Hedgehog

     Ollie Crain (they/them)www.chronicthehedgehogrugs.comSocials: @chronic_the_hedgeh0gOllie Crain is the mastermind turning pixels into tufts for Chr...
  • A Little Gay Interview With Ryan Downs

    Unravel the mystery behind the artist Ryan Downs to learn more about man behind Black Zodiac.
  • A Little Gay Interview With Hills And Holler

    The Little Gay Shop interviews the dynamic duo behind queer card makers Hills And Holler for a Little Gay Interview.
  • A Little Gay Interview With Camille Lema

    As a queer artist inspired by the magic of nature and indigenous art, Camille Lema shares their journey from doodling in the back room of their mom's tattoo shop in Portland to creating commissioned murals and art for Austin.