Too Gay To Function

Too Gay To Function

Gaypin' Guys
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Dustin Griffes, Stevie Hannigan & Matthew Dean Stewart - He/Him - Gaypin' Guys 

It's only okay when I say that, but I'll let it slide cause this pin is SO FETCH.

Get in loser, we're going shopping! Get one for everyone in your army of skanks, or wear this pink ribbon yourself cause baby... you've earned it.  

- The pin measures at 1" x 1.5"

We are all artists who see fashion as a major aspect in expressing ourselves. One chilly night in the fall of 2016 we were drinking a (few) bottle(s) of wine, and we were talking about pins making a resurgence. We noticed there was a gaping hole in the market for a company that focused on gay + queer pins. We combined our fierce fag powers to launch GAYPIN'.

With the current social climate in the world, people feel an added urgency to be outwardly visible as queer + proud. The suicide rate for LGBTQ+ youth is still more than 3x the average of their straight peers. 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ+. Although things are better than 20 years ago, there is always more work to do, and a big part of creating change is being more visible. We try to keep that in mind with a lot of our products. We want people to feel like they're representing their community and starting conversations. We want folks wearing our pins to look down at their lapel and feel their community there with them at any time of feeling alone or uncomfortable.

On top of that, they're fucking cute & fun to wear.