Aromantic Pride Flag
Aromantic Pride Flag
Aromantic Pride Flag

Aromantic Pride Flag

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The Aromantic Pride Flag with hand-sewn nylon stripes, finished with a canvas header, and brass grommets. Each flag is sewn with reinforced corners and can be flown outside or displayed proudly indoors.

- Hand-sewn
- Canvas header and brass grommets
- 200 Denier Nylon material
- Equally vibrant on both sides
- Queer-run

Stripe Colors: Green, Light Green, White, Gray, Black

This is just one of many versions of the Aro Pride Flag. The design was adapted from an earlier version of the Aromantic flag by Tumblr user Cameron in 2014. Community members opted to switch to hues of green instead of yellow because many have sensitivity issues to the color. The green hues represent the spectrum of romanticism and all arospec identities.