Boys on the Rock
Boys on the Rock
Boys on the Rock

Boys on the Rock

John Fox
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A classic coming of age novel about a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality in the political and cultural milieu of the 1960s.

First Plume printing edition, 1985


Written with uncanny precision and wild humor, this is the story of Billy Connors, high school student in the Bronx, member of the swim team, and all-around regular guy, who in his sixteenth year has to face the fact that he's a little different from everyone else, a little "weird."

Though he's sort of going steady with a girl and popular at school, he's always worried that the secret fantasies he has about men would set him apart and make him "different" if anyone knew about them. How Billy faces up to himself--and his friends--as he discovers the complexities of life, the exuberance of sex, and what it means to be an adult in our imperfect world, makes for a touching, wise, and very moving novel.

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