Fourteen Poems: Issue 4

Fourteen Poems: Issue 4

Fourteen Poems
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"Every issue we find the most exciting queer poets on the planet and publish their best poems and Issue 4 is no exception. With poems taking on gender, love, sex, anger and joy, we’ve compiled the most exciting work you’ll find out there. And this issue we had some of the finest Guest Contributing Editors: Akpa Arinzechukwu, Madelaine Kinsella, Anthony Aguero, Mícheál McCann and Ayoola Solarin."

So, drum roll please, here’s your fourteen poems:

“Untitled” by Remi Graves

“Erotes” by Shia Conlon

“See Three Swans, Think of Techno” by Alex Marlow

“I will love a man whose eyes are tempest” by Serge Neptune

“Marginalia” by Iona Roisin

“June” by Jake Weaver

“In the dead of” by Travis Chi Wing Lau

“All They Can See” by Robert Hamberger

“Blue Core” by Derrick Austin

“Sunday with Dolls” by Matthew Haigh

“black dorothy” by Shanay Neusum James

“Skating” by Elizabeth Chadwick Pywell

“Fucking a Man Who Has Been Fisted” by Dean Atta

“Watership Down Fugue” by Caleb Parkin