Hand-sewn Genderqueer Pride Flag
Hand-sewn Genderqueer Pride Flag

Hand-sewn Genderqueer Pride Flag

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The Genderqueer Pride Flag hand-sewn nylon stripes, finished with a canvas header, and brass grommets. Each flag is sewn with reinforced corners and can be flown outside or displayed proudly indoors.

- Hand-sewn

- Canvas header and brass grommets

- 200 Denier Nylon material

- Equally vibrant on both sides

- Queer-run

Stripe Colors: Purple, White, Green

The Genderqueer Pride Flag embraces gender as a spectrum and does not subscribe to preconceived notions of masculine or feminine. Marilyn Roxie, who designed the flag, chose a purple stripe to represent androgyny because it is a mix of pink and blue, colors traditionally associated with men and women. The green stripe is an inversion of purple, representing those identify as outside of the gender binary.