The Prolific and the Devourer

The Prolific and the Devourer

W.H. Auden
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Hardcover version of the Antaeus literary magazine from Summer 1942. It is comprised almost entirely of an unpublished book by W. H. Auden - The Prolific and the Devourer. Auden began the book of alphorisms and reflections in the summer of 1939 and abandoned it in the fall of 1939. He wrote it during his first months in America when his attitudes towards Marxism, Paficism, and Optimism were changing. Auden later renounced his optimistic predictions of the moral improvement of humans which can be found in Part IV of the book.

Hardcover, New York: Antaeus/Ecco, 1981. First Edition; First Printing.

Used copy in good condition (crease on the front cover)

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